Students Enhancing Their Skills on General Motors Vehicles

Career Pathways

Gain a competitive edge in the automotive industry with GM ASEP's specialized training for aspiring General Motors mechanics.

Competitive Edge in Automotive Repair

The complexity of modern vehicles demands skilled mechanics more than ever. Through GM ASEP, you're not just learning; you're preparing for a future as a certified General Motors mechanic. Our collaboration with General Motors ensures access to the latest vehicle technologies during both academic and internship phases, setting you apart in the competitive job market.

Promising Automotive Careers

In an era where job outsourcing is common, the role of an automotive technician remains indispensable and locally based. By joining GM ASEP, you secure an internship with potential employers, paving the way for immediate employment post-graduation. The majority of our graduates find their careers with their internship sponsors, with many institutions reporting a 100% placement rate.

Embarking on Your Journey

Start by finding a GM ASEP-affiliated school near you. Each institution has its unique enrollment process, which may include school visits, applications, and interviews. They also assist in connecting you with a sponsoring dealership, setting the stage for your hands-on training.

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Innovative and Sustainable Automotive Technologies

GM's commitment to innovation is unwavering, with advancements in biofuels, fuel cells, hybrids, and extended-range electric vehicles. As GM envisions an all-electric future, the demand for specialized, well-trained mechanics becomes crucial. Embrace the future of automotive technology and become a key player in GM's journey towards sustainable personal mobility.

Understanding the GM Technician Career Path

Apprentice Technician

$28,000 – $36,000

6 month - 2 year average time spent in role

When you’re first starting out, you’ll focus largely on express service and vehicle inspections, gaining basic familiarity with the vehicles and tools of the trade, and learning from more experienced technicians.

Main Line Technician


2 - 5 year average time spent in role

Once you excel to the Main Line level, you’ll be able to handle most repairs without oversight. In this stage, you’ll work toward your bronze, silver and gold certifications.

Master Technician


Focus specifically on your areas of interest.

A Master Technician is trusted to handle the more challenging work that comes in and to help support new apprentices in their career development.


How does a GM ASEP program compare to a traditional four-year degree?

The GM ASEP initiative is specialized, blending in-depth technical education with practical experience in automotive service, specifically focusing on General Motors vehicles. Unlike a broad-based four-year degree, this program is designed to fast-track your entry into the automotive industry with highly specialized skills and real-world experience.

How many schools offer the GM ASEP program?

The GM ASEP program is offered at numerous schools across the country, providing widespread opportunities for students to engage in this specialized training close to their geographical location. To find a location near you visit the Find a School page.

How long until I’m a certified GM technician?

Completing the GM ASEP program typically takes about two years, during which students alternate between classroom learning and hands-on experience in a dealership or service center.

How much does a GM ASEP program cost?

The cost of attending a GM ASEP school varies depending on the institution. However, financial aid and scholarships may be available to help offset these expenses, making the program accessible to a broader range of students.