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Hands-On Training

Learn how to identify, analyze and solve complex automotive problems. Theory and practical application will come together as you spend time working on actual customer vehicles.

Dealership Experienced

GM ASEP provides the opportunity to work directly with a local GM dealership or ACDelco Professional Service Center during your education. Half of your time will be spent at your sponsoring dealership and you will be paid for the time work there. The other half is spent in the classroom with instructors. You can work with your local GM ASEP college instructors to help secure a sponsor. Sponsors serve as the location for your hands-on training and can provide employment opportunities after graduation.


We know that you learn best by using your hands. That is why half of your training takes place in a coordinated work internship. You can’t learn the tricks of the trade from a textbook. One of the benefits of your internship is the opportunity to work with technicians that can show you the experienced tips that have taken them years to learn. It will put you far ahead of others who have only trained out of textbooks.   

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Latest Technology

GM donates new vehicles to its GM ASEP colleges. This ensures that you are training on the latest vehicle technology. If you are training on 10 year old vehicles your training is already 10 years out of date.

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ASE Certified

All GM ASEP instructors must be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence before they are allowed to teach in any GM ASEP classroom. In fact, many of these instructors have gone on to achieve GM World Class status, the highest achievement for a GM technician. You deserve to be trained by the best.

Earn While You Learn

While you are on internship you are a paid employee. Since most GM ASEP programs are taught at state colleges and universities that are already a good value. The wages that you earn will cover many of the costs associated with your education.

Learn by Doing

How many times have you forgotten what you have learned? In GM ASEP you train on a particular part of the vehicle and before you forget it, you reinforce the knowledge learned by working on actual customer vehicles. You forgot? Don’t worry, your mentor technician is right there to help you.

GM Certified

As a GM ASEP student you will complete between 80-100% of the GM training required to become a GM certified technician. The more you train, the more valuable you become as an employee.